Christmas in May!

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Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal was my third trek with Green Earth Adventures. We reached on the third day of trekking. The meadow was vast, green and strewn with large rocks. It had a semi frozen stream flowing through it and chunks of old snow accumulated here and there. Tired as we were we played cards and lazed around for the rest of the day. We ended our day with a hot meal around the campfire as we shared anecdotes and sang songs. We hit the sack early. However, a strange thing happened at night. It was bitterly cold and the mules began kicking our tent and shaking it up. They stopped soon and we went back to sleep without so much as bothering to check what it was. I got up early in the morning and struggled with the jammed tent zipper half asleep. The zipper flew open and I was awake at once. The entire meadow was WHITE. It had snowed last night and the entire campsite was buried under 10 inches of fresh snow! (The mule was Kedar removing the snow off our tent). The white snow blinded me. I woke the rest of my friends up and we spent the rest of the morning playing in snow.

Christmas had come early this year and with lots of snow!
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