Markha Valley Trek

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JUNE 2016

Markha Valley

I walked along the stream, watching the multi-coloured prayer flags blowing silent prayers in the wind and listening to the ceaseless gurgling of the water flowing over the rocks. Peace and tranquillity resonated in the air and as the cool air washed over my face and I thought about how much I had really enjoyed this trek that I had gone on with Green Earth Adventures.

The Markha Valley trek is one of the most beautiful and scenic. Along the way one gets to cross over many streams, rivers and gorges. One also crosses over Kongmaru La (5150 m), one of the higher passes in the region, and then treks back down, into the gorgeous valley, walking along the river. With the wildflowers in bloom and majestic, coloured mountains on either side, it’s a treat for the senses. In terms of wildlife one can see Golden eagles, pika (small rodents) and marmots, among others, while on the trek. Though the trek takes a little more effort, and is considered a difficult one, the view and feeling it gives is more than worth it.

By staying in home stays one can experience the unique culture of Ladakh first hand. The hosts are some of the most hospitable and kind people I have ever come across. From the local food to the wide varieties of tea offered (black, mint, Gur-gur and many more) it’s a treat. Living with the locals is also very enriching and humbling. On the whole, this trek, along the Markha valley in the breathtaking landscape, was a wonderful experience.

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