Sour Tal Trek

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Want to enjoy the pristine Himalayan wilderness and have a memorable trekking experience, which takes you in a different tangent altogether, Welcome to SOUR TAL LAKE TREK (A GROUP OF FROZEN MOUNTAIN TARNS). We promise you the best of experience…the likes of which you will never have encountered before.
This exotic and immensely rewarding trek encompasses the mountainous vistas of the divinely beautiful Kullu & Manali valley and beyond Dhauladhar valleys and traverses the high altitude Kaliheyni (4350 m) passes.
The crowning glory of this particular trek is that it proceeds through totally un-spoilt regions of the Himalayas where you can see some of the last remaining bastions of great abode of snows. Here you can trek for weeks without coming across any human habitation, these regions (thankfully) still belong to the elusive Himalayan brown bear and Ibex. The region is rich in flora and fauna which is a delight for a naturalist and also provides unparalleled opportunities for photographers.
There is something in store for culture enthusiasts in this trek as well – Bada – Bhangal. Due to the fact that Bada- Bhangal is an ancient village inhabited by the legendary Gaddis, the sheep herders of the high Himalayan pastures, who remain isolated in their picture postcard village for up to 5 months a year.

Suggested Itinerary

  • Day 01:
    • Fly to Delhi from Pune and take an overnight bus to Manali.
  • Day 02:
    • Arrive at the Base Camp at Prini road head. River-Crossing activity in the afternoon. Briefing session and acclimatization walk up to Arjun Gufa, Sharvani Devi Temple, Thakshak Nag Bhanara in the evening. Back to camp site at within 4hrs
      Banara is situated at 2200m.and there an old temple dedicated to the local God Thakshak Banara is situated at 2200m and there an old temple dedicated to the local God Thakshak Nag. Near Bhanara there are remnants of the forts Raja Piti, an earlier ruler Kullu, and near there are remnants of the forts Raja Piti, an earlier ruler Kullu, and near the forts is historic cave (ARJUN GUFA) where Arjun of Mahabharata fame believed to have taken refuge during the exile of Pandvas.
  • Day 03:Base Camp, Prini – Klount (2230m) 4hrs
    • Trek starts from the campsite i.e., Prini, down to Bhanu Bridge, and over the Beas River to the other side of the valley. Today’s trek starts with a gradual climb up to Gadherini village and after that the steep section starts along the cedar trees right up to Klount. The trek encompasses a 1hour steep ascent initially and then in a zigzag way till the Klount through dense forest of Blue Pine, Cedar, Oak, Silver Fir. The Klount is situated in the middle of the mountain hill of dense forest and located amidst Apple orchards.
      Klount means Koot (Sheppard Mountain Meadow) a fertile & grassy land where herds of sheep and were kept in the olden days Buck Wheat was produced. Adventure activities in the evening and stay overnight at Klount.
  • Day 04:Klount – Dudhu Dogh (2750m) 4 hrs
    • Today’s trek is very pleasant but tiring up to Gujjars shed. The trail proceeds in a zigzag path through dense forest of Pines and Silver Fir. Once the zigzag trail ends, it is a steep ascent amidst Silver Fir trees. From Dudhu Dogh one can see the Hamta valley, Deo Tibba, Shirgan Tungu and its surrounding mountain pastures. Evening free for adventure activities and stay overnight at Dudhu Dogh.
  • Day 05:Dudhu Dogh- Laangha Thach (3370m) 4 hrs
    • Today’s steep trail ascends up in a zigzag way through Mondru Dogh (2910) (Dogh means a heaps of rocks and rock cliffs) and Phanai Dogh (3325m), then to Laangha Thach. It’s a steep walk up through forest of Silver Fir, Bhujpattar, Oak and Chestnut and the toughest day of the trek. From Phanai Dogh the route ascends on to a moderate grassy slope and then onto a tricky horizontal traverse above the tree line to the hillside of the hump to Laangha Thach. Laangha Thach (A balcony) is known as courtyard of the mountain pastures where shepherds sit and watch over their herds of sheep. Evening free for adventure activities and overnight stay at Laangha Thach.
  • Day 06:Laangha Thach - Sour Lake (3700m) 2 hrs; Mahali Thach Camp (3200m) 3 hrs
    • The trail proceeds on the long snowy slanted ridge and slowly begins to ascend towards Saur Tal Frozen Lake (3700M). As you trek along the snowy ridge, one can have a close view of Deo-Tibba massif, Inderkilla, Indrasan peaks, Rohtang Pass, CB range and the enchanting mountain peak of the Beas Kund massif.
      It’s a strenuous day’s walk on scattered snowy and grassy patches right up to the top of Sour Tal Lake. The climb along the ridge is enjoyable but one has to battle drafts of icy wind. At the top, one usually gets a breath-taking views of the surrounding mountain peaks of the Dhauladhar, Chhota Bhangal, Kaliheyni pass, the Pirpanjal, and further beyond the greater Himalayan range.
      The trail proceeds on the knife long slanted ridge and slowly begins to descend towards Mahili Thach. The journey to Mahili Thach is more enjoyable if you glissade some of your way down.
      Mahili Thach is located in a grassy Col on the ridge on one side of Dhauladhar Range. From the campsite one can also view the Kully Valley, and the distant snowcapped mountains of Chanderkhani Pass and Fojhal Valley.
      Mahili Thach is very popular among the local Gaddi shephards. They graze their herds of sheep on these vast grassy meadows. Watch out for one of the rare glimpses of black / brown bears below the Mahili Thach campsite. In the evening, indulge in some fun adventure activities and stay overnight at the Mahili Thach.
  • Day 07:Mahili Thach - Malah (2190m) 4 hrs
    • Today’s steep trail descends down in a zigzag through Mondrol Thach (2800m). Shangchar Village (2370m) is linked with a mountainous road. It is a fifteen minutes’ walk to the village Malah campsite amidst Apple trees. In the evening indulge in some fun adventure activities and stay overnight at Malah village.
  • Day 08:Malah – Base Camp Prini via Road Head 17 Miles 4hrs
    • Today’s trail descends down to Ligan Village (2090), Mohila village then through Apple orchards down to Manali town. It’s a complete moderate steep walk down and a very-very tiresome day of the trek. The trek concludes at road head where frequent buses are available to Manali town. We take a bus to reach Prini Base Camp from this point.
  • Day 09:
    • After having breakfast the group will be free to visit the Manali bazaar. In the evening, departure by bus for Delhi.
  • Day 10:
    • Fly back home from Delhi.